WaterStone Church
Saturday, January 19, 2019
A loving church in Warrior, Alabama
Testimony Corner
I know of a church where everyone is welcome...I mean everyone. On any
given Sunday morning, I can go there and see the town mayor, the town doctor,
and the town business people worshipping God. Mixed in amongst these are
also the town children - children of every color and economic status - some
brought by their parents and some who chose to ride the bus. I can also find
Mr. Banker, Mr. Firefighter, Mr. Unemployed, and Mr. Lonely. Mrs. Homemaker
and Mrs. Career Woman are sitting in the pews as well. Amongst all these
people are Mr. Pastor and his family - not the aloof, reserved, and Holier than
Thou found so often in today's religious world, but a kind, approachable, and
loving man who will tell you the truth of God's Word both in the pulpit and out
but who is not too good to also sit and watch a football game with you or a
good ol' episode of Swamp People. This Pastor opens his home to the elite as
well as the lonely, the clean and the dirty. Found amongst all this diversity is a
common thread that binds all the members. This uniting force is the love of God.
In the services at this church, the young aren't separated from the old, and the
wealthy aren't separated from the poor. There they sit, all mingled together in
the pews each Sunday morning worshipping God and anticipating.
Anticipating the wonderful things that they know God is working in their lives
and anticipating the people that God will send their way to sit in the pews with
them and share in these wonderful blessings of God. You can't come into this
place without being immediately pulled in, and once you are there, you can't
remember ever being everywhere else. Thank you, WaterStone Church for being
this wonderful place to me and my family. Thank you for anticipating our arrival
a year ago and being ready to take us in and share your love with us. You are
this wonderful church, and your love - the love of God working among your
members - amazes me! I am privileged to be a part of you - sitting with you in
anticipation waiting for those coming, coming to experience the greatness of
God with us - to be a part of us. -Delane and Rachel Bairrow


A few years ago, I came to WaterStone Church devasted by a broken marriage in

which I lost my husband ,my church family, and my home. I saw little hope in ever
being happy again. I had never lived where I was my only means of support. I had
never had to live with someone else. I didn't know how I would ever make it on my
own and certainly felt I'd never have a home of my own again.
You welcomed me with open arms, no questions asked, and immediately let me
begin to serve. You supported me with your prayers and kindness. Sue and Jerrel
welcomed me in their home and supported me in every way.
Through everything, I have learned that my hope comes through loving and
serving Jesus. He has taught me many things about making him my provider. I
have learned that my total being depends on him. My favorite verse in the Bible
tells me "He is able to bless me abundantly and exceedingly more than I could
ever ask or think"(Eph. 3:20) He has done just that. I have learned things that
I never knew before about his grace and mercy. Things I may have never
learned had I not been put in the situation I was in. Jesus wants us to depend
on him. He wants us to know that in our weakness, he is strong. He is new
every morning...so great is his faithfulness. I know that I have grown through
my experience, and pray that I will continue to grow. He has given me a
home, a wonderful family, and wonderful friends. Blessings continuously flow.
Monetarily I wasn't sure how I was going to make it, yet I knew He would
provide, and He has provided over and over again in ways that are
unexplainable except for His provision.  I've learned to depend on the One
Who owns the stars. Sometimes I am amazed at the things He does, but I
shouldn't be amazed. He is only doing what he promised he would do.
I won't say that I'm never lonely or that things from the past creep back into
my life at times and cause pain, but I can say that through Christ I am
whole and can face the future knowing He will be there. I can't see his
plan for my life, but I know there is a plan if I will continue to trust in my
Father. I'm His "little girl", and no one can ever take that away.
Thank You for allowing me to share this with you. Thank You for allowing
me to serve the church. I love you all. I can truly say that WaterStone
Church is a church that honors God by demonstating His love. -Ann Davis